Friday, October 8, 2010

Current Trends in Home Decor

As in all areas of design and fashion, there are certain things that are currently in fashion for home décor that were not popular a few years ago. Some of these trends involve major purchases and re-decorating while some require nothing but a little bit of paint. While being trendy is important, it is also imperative that individuals who are planning on selling their home in the very near future try to keep the home as neutral as possible. Neutral does not have to be boring and it also can retain some of the current trends.

One of the biggest trends in design right now is the idea of mixing and matching different styles and eras in an effort to create a room or feeling that is uniquely that of the individual who owns the home. Eclectic styling, seen particularly in a revival of Hollywood Regency and a mixing of periods, allows for a home to convey the personality of the owner while at the same time, it should be comfortable for guests.

There is also an increased interest in living responsibly. Eco-awareness in décor and furniture purchases has taken off in recent years. Now, however, it is no longer enough for a manufacturer or store to say something is green as customers are now demanding proof that the process by which the furniture or fabric was created is truly green, sustainable, and meet with the standards of Fair Trade. One of the biggest areas this is being seen is in fabrics. Adding silk-like eco-bedding to an individual's already-organic linens vocabulary is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of eco-friendliness to a home. The silk-like linens are created from organic materials like processed wood-pulp and are dyed in a way that gives the fabric gorgeous colors but also does not use a toxic dye.

Another common trend among decorators and designers a like is an encouragement of finery in all things. Decorative pillows, in particular, have been given a couture flair. This means that one should expect to see gorgeous pillows dressed in high-fashion details. It is also common to expect pillows to come in jewel tones and with jewel accents, to complete the couture tone.
One of the biggest trends right now is the idea of incorporating multi-cultural décor into a home. Current popular sources of inspiration include China, Russia, Latin America, Morocco, and India. These trends can all stand alone or can be mixed to create something of an around-the-world feel to a home.

A final design trend is that of pattern. Art nouveau and art deco have leant their emphasis to botanicals, paisley, brocade, animal prints, and geometric patterns that are all popping up in decorative accessories and furnishings.

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