Monday, October 11, 2010

How do you download music to an iPod

An iPod is meant to play music files. Therefore, you must have some knowledge how to download music to an iPod. I am about to guide you the easiest way to do the procedure.
In the beginning of this tutorial, I must stress that you should get the music files from a trustworthy and legal source. You can download from the Apple™’ iTunes store, but in that case your wallet will lose more weight than if you get it from other authorized sources.
Once you have selected the music files that are to be transferred to the iPod, you have to open the iTunes in your PC to get them relocated onto your iPod. If you don’t have iTunes installed in yourcomputer, first you have to download from the Apple’s official site. It’s free and does not require much time. Then attach the iPod to the PC using the firewire or the supplied USB cable. You have to follow the instructions meticulously that will come up after you have iTunes installed and connected the iPod to your PC.
If you want to delete some music from your iPod that may have been already downloaded, you have to use the iTunes. Some people feel it a kind of monopoly from the Apple™ as you have no other options doing so. After that, you have to synchronies the iPod with the computer. Here is something that is worth mentioning. Never attach any other iPod to a computer that has already been synchronized with another iPod. It may damage the music files from the newer iPod.
As iTunes automatically synchronizes with the iPod, it is the tie to transfer the iPod compatible music files to the device from the hard disk of your computer. The compatible formats are mp3, aac and M4A. With some basic clicks, you will be able to transfer the music files to the iPod.
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